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About Horizon Healthcare Group

Stethoscope Over Cardiogram


Our Company

Horizon Healthcare Group (HHG) will incorporate a holding company owning consolidated general practice medical service organisations, intent on rapidly growing market share by acquiring medium-sized GP clinics and medical centres on the east coast of Australia. HHG was founded to provide small-medium practice owners with a clear and commercially attractive exit strategy out of their established practices. HHG will provide these individuals with the peace of mind, knowing that their employees, patients, and legacy will be upheld. HHG will continually work to strategically grow these practices in a group consolidation business model.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become Australia’s leading  general practice medical group and improve the level of general practice and ancillary healthcare offered in Australia. We believe that the interests and needs of general practitioners and clinic staff are as equally important, and improving service standards provided to both of these key stakeholders, this will naturally lead to an enhanced patient experience. Combining industry traditions with new innovative ways of streamlining management operations will reduce the frustration that patients tend to experience when visiting their doctor.

Doctor and patient
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