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Our Team

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Reece Haynes


Reece is an enthusiastic young entrepreneur and is focused on consolidating the highly fragmented General Practice Medical Services Industry via acquisitions. Reece carefully chose to transition into this industry after seeing multiple family members experience significant health complications, one which resulted in death. In many cases, had these complications been diagnosed in their infancy the outcomes may have been significantly different. This is why Reece is focused on implementing a preventative healthcare patient management programme in this venture, that focuses on educating patients about the importance of frequent checkups to prevent potential serious chronic health complications in later years. Reece believes that it is in the best interest of a patient’s long term health that our healthcare group follows up with patients on a regular schedule regarding important checkups for their demographic. This simultaneously promotes long-term patient health, increases patient satisfaction and drives a higher patient throughput.

Prior to this, Reece founded a retail company within the pet supplies industry called Direct To Pet that has 10,000s of customers across Australia and currently has annual revenues of circa $2 million.

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